Our global future will be affected by our ability to create scientific and technological solutions to unlock new sources and methods of renewable energy. In Israel, regional instability is threatening energy sources and the cost of conventional fuels is multiplied.

Here, at the Solar Fuels I-CORE, top Israeli scientists from Ben-Gurion University of the NegevTechnion – Israel Institute of Technology and the Weizmann Institute of Science have joined forces to create a synergy of expertise in order to generate clean, efficient energy from renewable sources. In addition, the Solar Fuels I-CORE is an Israeli multidisciplinary task force attracting returning Israeli energy scientists from across the world. 

Through intense research, world-class facilities, a dynamic agenda of educational and outreach programs and global collaboration, the Solar FueIs I-CORE team is passionate about fulfilling the promise of paving the road towards a sustainable future for all humanity. Read More…


SAVE THE DATE! Our 3rd Solar Fuels I-CORE Workshop is scheduled to take place on September 12-15, 2016, at the seaside resort of Kibbutz Nahsholim in Israel - Click for more details...

Prof. Roy Kishony, New Faculty member - from Princeton University, NJ, Rockefeller University, NY and Harvard University, MA to the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology - Welcome to the Solar Fuels I-CORE team!

Assistant Prof. Avi Niv, New Faculty member - from UC Berkeley to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev - Welcome to the Solar Fuels I-CORE team!

Gil Eshel, a PhD student of Solar Fuels I-CORE member Dr. Simon Barak, BGU (Sde Boqer campus), awarded prestigious President of the State of Israel grant - CONGRATULATIONS!

MSc/PhD Students and postdoc positions for computational materials group

Central Lab Tours were conducted at the Technion - A joint initiative of the Solar Fuels I-CORE and GTEP (Grand Technion Energy Program)

Prof. Trajtenberg and the Vatat team visited our center at the Technion (in Hebrew)

Growing crops in drought conditions - BBC reports on Prof. Shimon Gepstein's (Technion) research and breakthrough

Research positions in artificial photosynthesis and protein design at Dr. Dror Noy’s research group, Migal-Galilee Research Institute

Israeli researchers at BGU develop revolutionary alternative fuel process

"Resonant light trapping in ultrathin films for water splitting" - New publication in the 'Nature Materials' journal by Prof. Avner Rothschild and his research team at the Technion

Bio Sources

Energy-Rich Biomass

Rust 2 Gold

Water Splitting

Plant Power

Biomass Conversion

Sugar 2 Ethanol

Biochemical Processing

2B Renewed

Advanced Liquid Fuels

Supported by the I-CORE Program of the Planning and Budgeting Committee and The Israel Science Foundation

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