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Gil Eshel awarded prestigious President of the State of Israel grant

15/07/2014, from BGU Website

Disciplinary science as a limitation (in Hebrew)

Spring 2014, from the Technion Magazine

Nano Power

06/03/2014, from Technion Website

Israel makes an ambitious move on alternative fuels

March, 2014, from MRS BULLETIN

Academic Revolution, Spearheaded by the Technion (in Hebrew)

30/12/2013, from Technion Website

Israeli researchers at BGU develop revolutionary alternative fuel process

17/11/2013 / 13/11/2013, from The Times of Israel

Researchers from BGU developed a green alternative for fossil fuel (in Hebrew)

17/11/2013, from BGU website

When Rust Meets Light (in Hebrew)

Winter 2013, from the Technion Magazine

Chips may replace corn for harvesting solar fuels

07/2013, from Physics Today

An interview with Prof. Avner Rothschild on Renewable Energy (Hebrew)

15/06/2013, from Alachson (Diagonal)

I-CORE: Technion & National Scientific Leadership

12/03/2013, from TechnionLive

Resonant Light Trapping in Ultrathin Films for Water Splitting

11/11/2012, from Nature Materials

New Way to Split Water Molecules Into Hydrogen and Oxygen: Breakthrough for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage?

12/11/2012, from Science Daily

Review: An Economic Perspective on Liquid Solar Fuels

29/08/2012, from Journal of The Electrochemical Society

The Israeli Brain Keeps Inventing Patents (Hebrew)

13/3/2012, from NRG-MAARIV

The Team Headed by Prof. Gideon Grader from the Technion Won the Renewable Energy Research Center of Exellence (Hebrew)

30/06/2011, from Hayadan

The Technion Will Lead the Establishment of Research Center of Exellence in Renewable Energy (Hebrew)

29/06/2011, from The Marker

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