Prof. Ira A. Weinstock

Ben Gurion University of the Negev




I-CORE Research:

Photo(Electro)Chemical Conversion of Water & CO2 to H2, CO and O2

Our role is to develop new molecular and nanoscale materials for use in photochemical water splitting (hydrogen production and water oxidation) and in the photochemical reduction of CO2 to CO or other precursors to liquid fuels.

Research Group:

Eyal Gadot, Gal Gan Or, Dr. Yifeng Wang, Dr. Vijay Kumar


Other Research Areas:

Research in my group involves the use of metal oxide cluster anions as molecular components of supramolecular and nanoscale systems. Investigations span fundamental studies of reactions in water to the development of functional molecules and assemblies.



  1. 'Chemical Society Review' journal, 2012:

"Polyoxometalate-Decorated Nanoparticles" / Yifeng Wang and Ira Weinstock


  1. 'Inorganic Chemistry' journal, July 2012 (Volume 51, Issue 14):

"Role of Alkali-Metal Cation Size in the Self-Assembly of Polyoxometalate-Monolayer Shells on Gold Nanoparticles" / Yifeng Wang, Offer Zeiri, Shelly Sharet, and Ira A. Weinstock


Supported by the I-CORE Program of the Planning and Budgeting Committee and The Israel Science Foundation

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