Assistant Prof. Lilac Amirav

New Faculty

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology




I-CORE Research:

Photo(Electro)Chemical Conversion of Water & CO2 to H2, CO and O2

Dr. Amirav is particularly interested in photocatalysis on the nano scale and related photophysical and photochemical phenomena. Her research is concerned with the design, synthesis and characterization of innovative multi-component nanoparticle heterostructures, tailored for photocatalysis and energy conversion. The synthetic effort is combined with fundamental research focused on the dynamics and mechanism of photo-induced charge transfer processes, across the different components of the photocatalyst system and further into the solution. Emphasis is given to single particle, in-situ measurements.

Research Group:

Dr. Yifat Nakibli, Dr. Philip Kalisman, Dr. Idan Ashur, Imanuel Peer


An article about Asst. Prof. Lilac Amirav in FORUM, the Technion e-magazine.

An article about Asst. Prof. Lilac Amirav in the Technion website (in Hebrew).

Supported by the I-CORE Program of the Planning and Budgeting Committee and The Israel Science Foundation

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