Assistant Prof. Roee Amit

New Faculty

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Biotechnology and Food Engineering



I-CORE Research:

Biochemical Processing

Our goal will be to engineer from the ground-up novel synthetic cellulosomes in S. cerevisiae using specially designed and genetically encoded RNA molecules as scaffolds instead of the scaffoldin protein. The RNA molecules will contain cassettes of binding sites for RNA binding proteins, which will in turn be fused to cellulase proteins taken from a cellulase library that was previously assayed for activity in S. cerevisiae. The cellulases will be chosen so to cover the multiple enzymatic activities that are required to hydrolyze lignocellulosic biomass into soluble sugars. As a result, we expect to engineer the yeast with a synergistic capability to hydrolyze biomass.

Research Group:

Dr. Sarah Goldberg


Other Research Areas:

Synthetic Biology, synthetic enhancers. Use of phage coat proteins for in vivo detection of RNA-RNA interaction. Reduced noised in poised transcription. Structural synthetic biology. Biological Trojan Horse strategies for therapeutics.


An article in the Technion Magazine about Asst. Prof, Roee Amit (in Hebrew).



Supported by the I-CORE Program of the Planning and Budgeting Committee and The Israel Science Foundation

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